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this page is all about the members of third exit.

On this page you can see stuff about the band members of third exit. We have finally found a singer

this picture is of sam our bassist


  more about sam

.......coming soon

More about Harry

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more about ben

My name is Ben Vickers and i live in the little town of droitwich. play guitar for third exit, and i designed and made the website. My guitars are a bc rich warlock, a vintage s.g and a yamaha pacifica. things i like to do most: play my guitar and food lol. (i also love it wen it snows) heehee. If you want to find out more about ben email click on the link below. its a band also from droitwich check out the site its gud


thats harry our drummer


this is ben our guitarist

I think Third Exit have finally found a singer. her name is Kate Borne we will ave a picture of her soon.

More about Kate:

................coming soon

stufff about our singer coming soon..........