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Howdy y'all. Welcome to our new an improved website

On this site you will find out about this awsome upcoming band. You can find about whats new, you can find out who we are, what equiptment we use and basically random stuff about the life of 3rd exit. thanks for checking out this site if u like this site or dont like it, drop  email to ben via the contact page if u can be bothered if you can't dont !!! if u want to find out even more about us then dont hesitate to email (again if u can be bothered.) thanks again Ben.

Battle of The Bands News:

well done to all the bands that took part in the event i went really good exept nobody could hear the instruments which they were playing, but o well the gig went rlly good third exit won which was good  but all the bands were amazin (especially mercurium who came second well done you guys). thanks. Ben

hey sign the guestbook to let us no wat u think of the site thanks. ben

New forum been set up click on the link and register and you can talk to other third exit lovers

At this moment in time third exit are in the middle of making there first cd. This will have three tracks on it made by third exit. If u want a chance to get your little grubby mits on this demo then contact ben. Or you can email him at or

Battle of the bands tapes and cds:

if you want to get your hands on one of these great cds or videos then contact mr long. or contact ben at

if you want to relive the memory or if you couldnt make it to the gig then get one of them. Thanks for all the support off everybody. ben



the band mercurium who came 2nd in the battle of the bands event are finally bringing out a cd the cd will have 4 or 5 tracks on and will be priced at around 2.50 (BARGIN) also they have a brand new website its exelent so sign up to the forum and sign there guestbook. WELL DUN U GUYS WERE ALL LOOKIN FORWARD TO HEARIN IT BACK IN THE THIRDEXIT QUARTERS. thanks . ben

E-Mail Me

id like to thank viky griffiths for designing our artwork and generally being really helpfull and supporive towards the band thank you!!!

logo coming soon..........

Cheers!!! Third Exit